Welcome to CoAP.NET

CoAP.NET is a CoAP framework in C#, providing CoAP-based services to .NET applications.

Current version: 1.1.0

Introducing CoAP.NET

What is CoAP?

CoAP (the Constrained Application Protocol) is a specialized web transfer protocol for IoTs. CoAP is designed to allow machines to interact with each other using RESTful methods (HTTP-like), while keeping low message overhead and parsing complexity.

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What is CoAP.NET?

CoAP.NET is an implementation of the CoAP protocol in C# providing CoAP-based services to .NET applications.

CoAP.NET is inspired by Californium, a CoAP framework in Java. Thanks to their work.

Supported Features

CoAP RFC7252

The latest standard of CoAP protocol.

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Block-wise transfers

Transfer large resource representations in multiple blocks.

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Enable CoAP clients to "observe" resources, i.e., to retrieve a representation of a resource and keep this representation updated by the server over a period of time.

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